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Note: (a) we do not provide GMP (or DMF) Certified products. (b) we do not sell products for human/therapeutic use; (c) we do not sell DEA controlled substances


About price and availability

1. Customers should search our website before requesting a quote. Price and availability of each product are listed on its webpage.
2. If the availability is "same day", this means that the product is in our USA warehouse and is ready to ship.
3. If the availability is "2 weeks", this means that the product is not in our USA warehouse. We will need about two weeks to transfer it to our USA warehouse. 
4. If no price is listed, this means that the product is not in stock.
5. Price match: We may price-match to USA-based vendors (not international vendors).
6. Product quality: The quality is 100% guaranteed.
    (a). For each product and each batch, we will conduct NMR, HPLC and MS analyses to confirm the structure and purity.
    (b). The copies of NMR, HPLC and MS spectrum can be downloaded from the product's webpage, found under the technical data section.
    (c). For some products that are supplied by our partners, we will not provide QC data.


Instructions to obtain quote:

1. Provide your organization's physical address (name, street address), and E-address (web address, telephone and email).
2. Describe the product name, MedKoo catalog number, pack size (such as 1 gram or 5 grams), and quantity (such as 1 vial or 5 vials).
3. Send your email to (our back up email is, but it is not regularly monitored).
4. Informal quote is usually offered by email if customer has no preference.
5. Formal quote (.pdf document) will be offered by customer request.
6. Quotations will not be provided over the phone.
7. Quote will not be offered if:
    (a) customer does not disclose their business name and address.
    (b) customer inquires about a quantity less than 1g for the custom synthesis product.
    (c) customer's intended use is obviously for human/patient use.
    (d) customer inquires about DEA controlled substances.
    (e) customer inquires about GMP, or DMF or ISO certified API products. 
    (f)  the product is extremely expensive to make and is obviously not affordable to most customers.
    (g) key raw materials to make the product are temporally not available.
    (h) the product is protected by a valid patent.
    (i)  customer is not the end user (except our authorized distributors).


After receiving an emailed request, we usually provide the quote to customer within 30 minutes.