Custom organic synthesis is one of our strongest specialties. We have a well-educated and extensively trained synthetic chemistry team with the capability to synthesize 300-400 complicated drugs per year. MedKoo's chemists can synthesize new compounds rapidly, keeping your research on track. With the industry’s increasing need to outsource molecular synthesis, both large pharmaceutical and emerging drug discovery companies turn to MedKoo to transform multiple synthesis steps with marginal yields into practical chemistry with higher yields. Our success comes from our competitive pricing, our firm commitment to customer service, and the talent and experience of our scientists.


Our custom synthesis capabilities include, but are not limited to:

(a). Synthesis of your own drug candidates
(b). Synthesis of reference/competitor’s compounds
(c). Synthesis of newly published compounds
(d). Synthetic route design and route scouting
(e). Synthetic process development; improvement and optimization
(f). Bulk quantity synthesis and manufacturing


For cost-effective reasons, we request a minimum order of 1g for custom synthesis projects. 

For terms and conditions, please visit our webpage: