MedKoo offers a variety of custom labeling and synthesis services to assist scientists with unmet needs or requirements that extend beyond our basic offerings. With years of experience in dye conjugation, MedKoo offers custom services for unique solutions.


MedKoo offers a full spectrum of high quality, custom bioconjugation reagent systems, custom synthesis, and functionalized biomolecules ready for cross-linking. These biomolecules can be modified and linked to one or several biomolecules via homobifunctional or heterobifunctional cross-linking chemistries. Our expertise and experience in medicinal and bioconjugation chemistries has assisted our clients from project scope collection to design of appropriate conjugation schemes. Having delivered thousands of custom conjugated biopolymers, MedKoo is dedicated to developing new bioconjugation methodologies to assist our clients development of new bioconjugate reagents.


MedKoo also assists in the functionalization or activation of compounds ready to cross-link with pre-activated small molecules, either supplied by customers or prepared in-house. These pre-activated small molecules can be created with an amine, acid, hydrazine, aldehyde/ketone, hydroxylamine, maleimide/alkylhalide, and sulfhydryl functional group in a polymer. After labeling of biopolymer with small molecules, a standard desalting, purification, quality check and final concentration and labeling ratio are determined.


Custom options include:


Infrared and Visible Dye Labeling


  • • Antibodies
  • • Proteins
  • • Peptides
  • • Enzymes
  • • Small Molecules
  • • Lectins
  • • Water Soluble Polymers
  • • Nanoparticles


Custom Derivation of Fluorescent Dyes


  • • NHS Ester
  • • Maleimide
  • • Azide
  • • Alkyne
  • • DBCO
  • • Hydrazide
  • • Amine
  • • Others