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MedKoo CAT#: 318295

CAS#: 51022-71-0

Description: Nabilone is a synthetic cannabinoid with therapeutic use as an antiemetic and as an adjunct analgesic for neuropathic pain. It mimics tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound found naturally occurring in Cannabis. Nabilone is discontinued (DEA controlled substance).

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Nabilone is discontinued (DEA controlled substance).

Chemical Structure


Theoretical Analysis

MedKoo Cat#: 318295
Name: Nabilone
CAS#: 51022-71-0
Chemical Formula: C24H36O3
Exact Mass: 372.2664
Molecular Weight: 372.5408
Elemental Analysis: C, 77.38; H, 9.74; O, 12.88

Synonym: Nabilone, Cesamet, Canemes

IUPAC/Chemical Name: (6aR,10aR)-1-hydroxy-6,6-dimethyl-3-(2-methyloctan-2-yl)-7,8,10,10a-tetrahydro-6aH-benzo[c]chromen-9-one


InChi Code: InChI=1S/C24H36O3/c1-6-7-8-9-12-23(2,3)16-13-20(26)22-18-15-17(25)10-11-19(18)24(4,5)27-21(22)14-16/h13-14,18-19,26H,6-12,15H2,1-5H3/t18-,19-/m1/s1

SMILES Code: O=C(CC1)C[C@]2([H])[C@]1([H])C(C)(C)OC3=C2C(O)=CC(C(CCCCCC)(C)C)=C3

Technical Data

Solid powder

>98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Shipping Condition:
Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

Storage Condition:
Dry, dark and at 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks) or -20 C for long term (months to years).

Soluble in DMSO, not in water

Shelf Life:
>2 years if stored properly

Drug Formulation:
This drug may be formulated in DMSO

Stock Solution Storage:
0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months).

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