WARNING: This product is for research use only, not for human or veterinary use.

MedKoo CAT#: 406255

CAS#: 188591-46-0

Description: GSK-3787 is a selective and irreversible peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARdelta) antagonist with good pharmacokinetic properties. GSK3787 can antagonize PPARbeta/delta in vivo, thus providing a new strategy to delineate the functional role of a receptor with great potential as a therapeutic target for the treatment and prevention of disease.

Chemical Structure

CAS# 188591-46-0

Theoretical Analysis

MedKoo Cat#: 406255
Name: GSK-3787
CAS#: 188591-46-0
Chemical Formula: C15H12ClF3N2O3S
Exact Mass: 392.02093
Molecular Weight: 392.78059
Elemental Analysis: C, 45.87; H, 3.08; Cl, 9.03; F, 14.51; N, 7.13; O, 12.22; S, 8.16

Price and Availability

Size Price Availability Quantity
50.0mg USD 250.0 2 Weeks
100.0mg USD 450.0 2 Weeks
200.0mg USD 750.0 2 Weeks
500.0mg USD 1450.0 2 Weeks
1.0g USD 2850.0 2 Weeks
2.0g USD 4650.0 2 Weeks
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Synonym: GSK3787; GSK-3787; GSK 3787.

IUPAC/Chemical Name: 4-chloro-N-(2-((5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-yl)sulfonyl)ethyl)benzamide


InChi Code: InChI=1S/C15H12ClF3N2O3S/c16-12-4-1-10(2-5-12)14(22)20-7-8-25(23,24)13-6-3-11(9-21-13)15(17,18)19/h1-6,9H,7-8H2,(H,20,22)

SMILES Code: O=C(NCCS(=O)(C1=NC=C(C(F)(F)F)C=C1)=O)C2=CC=C(Cl)C=C2

Appearance: Solid powder

Purity: >98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Shipping Condition: Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

Storage Condition: Dry, dark and at 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks) or -20 C for long term (months to years).

Solubility: soluble in DMSO, not soluble in water.

Shelf Life: >5 years if stored properly

Drug Formulation: This drug may be formulated in DMSO

Stock Solution Storage: 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months).

HS Tariff Code: 2934.99.9001

Preparing Stock Solutions

The following data is based on the product molecular weight 392.78059 Batch specific molecular weights may vary from batch to batch due to the degree of hydration, which will affect the solvent volumes required to prepare stock solutions.

Recalculate based on batch purity %
Concentration / Solvent Volume / Mass 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg
1 mM 1.15 mL 5.76 mL 11.51 mL
5 mM 0.23 mL 1.15 mL 2.3 mL
10 mM 0.12 mL 0.58 mL 1.15 mL
50 mM 0.02 mL 0.12 mL 0.23 mL

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