WARNING: This product is for research use only, not for human or veterinary use.

MedKoo CAT#: 329854

CAS#: 1182367-47-0

Description: Testolone, also known as RAD140, is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) for the treatment of conditions such as muscle wasting and breast cancer, currently under development by Radius Health, Inc. (RDUS). RAD140 Inhibits the Growth of Androgen/Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Models with a Distinct Mechanism of Action.

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Chemical Structure


Theoretical Analysis

MedKoo Cat#: 329854
Name: Testolone
CAS#: 1182367-47-0
Chemical Formula: C20H16ClN5O2
Exact Mass: 393.0993
Molecular Weight: 393.831
Elemental Analysis: C, 61.00; H, 4.10; Cl, 9.00; N, 17.78; O, 8.12

Synonym: Testolone; RAD140; RAD-140; RAD 140.

IUPAC/Chemical Name: 2-Chloro-4-[[(1R,2S)-1-[5-(4-cyanophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl]-2-hydroxypropyl]amino]-3-methylbenzonitrile


InChi Code: InChI=1S/C20H16ClN5O2/c1-11-16(8-7-15(10-23)17(11)21)24-18(12(2)27)20-26-25-19(28-20)14-5-3-13(9-22)4-6-14/h3-8,12,18,24,27H,1-2H3/t12-,18+/m0/s1

SMILES Code: N#CC1=CC=C(N[C@@H](C2=NN=C(C3=CC=C(C#N)C=C3)O2)[C@@H](O)C)C(C)=C1Cl

Technical Data

Solid powder

>98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Certificate of Analysis:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

Shipping Condition:
Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

Storage Condition:
Dry, dark and at 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks) or -20 C for long term (months to years).

Soluble in DMSO

Shelf Life:
>2 years if stored properly

Drug Formulation:
This drug may be formulated in DMSO

Stock Solution Storage:
0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months).

HS Tariff Code:


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3: Jayaraman A, Christensen A, Moser VA, Vest RS, Miller CP, Hattersley G, Pike CJ. Selective androgen receptor modulator RAD140 is neuroprotective in cultured neurons and kainate-lesioned male rats. Endocrinology. 2014 Apr;155(4):1398-406. doi: 10.1210/en.2013-1725. Epub 2014 Jan 15. PubMed PMID: 24428527; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3959610.

4: Thevis M, Piper T, Beuck S, Geyer H, Schänzer W. Expanding sports drug testing assays: mass spectrometric characterization of the selective androgen receptor modulator drug candidates RAD140 and ACP-105. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2013 Jun 15;27(11):1173-82. doi: 10.1002/rcm.6558. PubMed PMID: 23650030.

5: Thevis M, Schänzer W. Detection of SARMs in doping control analysis. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2017 Jan 27. pii: S0303-7207(17)30053-9. doi: 10.1016/j.mce.2017.01.040. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 28137616.