Additional terms and conditions for custom synthesis:

1. For General “Terms and conditions”, please see our page:


2. For “Additional terms and conditions for custom synthesis”, please see web page: 


3. For “Shipping fee list”, please see web page:


4. Project start up: MedKoo and/or its partners will arrange to start the project within one week after the official purchase order is received. 


5. Project management: MedKoo will report every 3 ~ 4 week to the Customer through email to update the project progress or issues related to the project.


6. Choice of salt: Sometimes, a drug may need to convert to its salt form due to reasons of (1) free base or free acid form product is a semi-solid or wax-like material, hard to transfer and to make aliquots; (2) free base or free acid form product is less stable than its salt. (3) free base or free acid form product is very poorly soluble in common acceptable solvents; (4) free base or free acid form product is difficult to purify. When to convert to the salt is necessary, MedKoo will discuss with customer in advance.


7. Appearance of the final product: MedKoo gurantees the custom synthesized product has the correct chemical structure with expected purity as determined by HPLC or NMR. MedKoo does not gurantee the final product has the same apprearance as reported in the literature. This means our product may have some differences with literature report in color, crystal shape and morphology. In some cases, the product may exist as an oily, semisolid, or viscous gum, or wax-like state, which would be hard to do aliquot and transfer. If this happens, MedKoo will inform customer before shipping. MedKoo can provide options to support customers needs


8. Lead time: Lead time is estimated based on our best knowledge to the literature methods and reports, which may be shortened or extended due to the actual chemistry performance or due to availability of catalysts and reagents. MedKoo will try our best efforts to meet the lead time, however, we cannot guarantee that the product will be delivered within the proposed lead time. MedKoo will report to the Customer in advance if any significant delay is needed.


9. Customer’s cancellation: The Customer will be entitled to cancel the Project at any time with 30 days prior written notice. In the event of cancellation, Customer will be obligated to pay the cost of work, materials and services expended for the Project through the effective date of the cancellation. 


10. MedKoo’s cancellation: MedKoo will be entitled to voluntarily cancel the project due to non-feasible or non-reproducible synthetic procedures or due to unknown chemistry. In the event of cancellation by MedKoo, no payment is requested.